About us
International Gym is an international chain of gymnastics centers. Our motto: “Active lifestyle from early childhood.”
Our classes operate in format of general gymnastics. Gymnastics at our centers contains various exercises and may serve as a base for any other sports, which the child may choose in the future.
Gymnastics develops all muscle groups, coordination, strengths, flexibility, agility, and posture. Gymnastics includes elements of artistic and sports gymnastics, trampoline jumps, acrobatics, strength, and endurance exercises.
All International Gym clubs are equipped with the best gear – trampolines, mats, beams, tracks, baby gym and landing pits with foam cubes. Classes are held under the supervision of professional, qualified, and certified coaches.
Our coaches
  • Darja
    Member of the Latvian national team, she has obtained a professional bachelor's degree in sports science, education and sports work specialist. 22 years in sports, 12 of them in Sports Gymnastics and 7 years of experience as a gymnastics coach with children and adults.
  • Pavels
    Master of Sports in Sports Gymnastics, participates in international competitions. Already 15 years in sports, national referee in Sports Gymnastics
  • Liza
    She has obtained a professional bachelor's degree in sports science and a specialist degree in education and sports work. Credo: Nothing is impossible!
  • Lukass
    Successfully passed the professional development education program "Development of C-category specialists" and obtained a C-category trainer certificate.
  • Veronika
    Candidate Master of Sports of Latvia, she has completed a professional education program.
  • Anastasija
    Latvian champion in gymnastics, member of the Latvian national team. Graduate with outstanding achievements in sports – master of sports.
    15 years in gymnastics and 14 years of experience working as a gymnastics coach.
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